What I’ve learned from Rhonda and Brad has turned my life around and helped me to find my right path again.  I have hope and joy, even in the midst of difficult life-situations.  I have been mindful at work to teach the kids these principles; I practice, practice, practice in every situation.  I have become clear about my true passion and applied for and got a great job.  I have also decided to pursue state licensure to increase my options.  I’m working to build community for myself and my family.  I am inspired — thank you for being an integral part of that awakening!


Melissa T., School Counselor, Albuquerque, NM

I have worked with many coaches throughout the past and I can say without a hesitation, that Brad is the very best….Top 3 in the country!! Just ask me a I will be happy to share what he his done for me and my entire family! And I can say, if Rhonda is with Brad, she must be that great as well because Brad only has greatness in his life!


Greg, Turn-around Specialist, Seattle WA

Titan. Modern Knight. Mentor. Teacher. Brad is one of the few unique people in your life that will make a real difference everyday. His presence is powerful yet undeniably giving. His concern is your betterment and learning to overcome obstacles while obliterating all expectations. Force Multiplier.


Andres Lazo, Defense Comptrollership Program (DCP) Military Veteran at Syracuse University

Brad and his business partner founded “Mythic Men”; a men’s group, based on their work with Brad’s “T.H.A.N.K.S.” program. I have had the privilege of being in the “Alpha” group. Having a place were men can take down the barriers, leave the bravado and brig ado at the door, makes a huge difference in not only my life, but my family’s and associates as well.


Bruce Byers, Director at Del Sol Spiritual Center

Brad is amazing! Just following a few simple no brainer ideas that he gave me has changed my attitude and outlook. If you dont know Brad you are going to miss something. I recommend you talk to him and learn about what he does. Just Amazing!


Justin Zoladz, Territory Manager at Liberty Mutual

Brad is an excellent person of Integrity with a wealth of experience and knowledge! He is selfless in his pursuit of making the world a better place helping people achieve ultimate transformation! I highly recommend him!


Maria Vega, Digital Marketing Consultant

I have know Brad Stevenson from The THANKS Program for quite some time. I have come to find that Brad is a genuine hearted person who is willing to go above and beyond to help people not only on a professional level, but a personal level. He always has great advise that tends to ground a person, making them focus on what is really important in life.


Bernice Gentry, Mortgage Consultant at Legacy Mortgage

I don’t think you could find a more personable, attentive, and generous person than Brad. These characteristics combined with his knowledge of people make him what people should be looking for in a personal and business improvement coach


Dave Wellington, Marketing Entrepreneur

I’ve had the privilege of working with very high caliber people throughout my career. During that span, rarely have I found a business/life coach that embodies the qualities and principals taught. Brad, however, is such a person. This fact is represented in the quality of his work. It is illustrated through the respect and admiration of his peers. Brad embodies the ethics, honesty and knowledge that has and will continue to set him apart in his career and within his life.


Jannette Dudley Owner, J Dudley & Associates, LLC

Brad is the most loyal and dedicated person I know. If you want something done, give it to Brad and it will be done right the first time.


John Foster, MBA Free Enterprise Proponent and Business Development Architect

I would like to recommend Brad as a human being who walks through the world walking his talk. I have enjoyed my interactions with Brad because he is willing to show his vulnerability, willing to share his knowledge, and willing to genuinely help those around him. Brad is a very special person who does very special work helping people!


Melanie Parish, MCC Executive Coach & Organizational Strategist

I’ve worked with Brad on the leadership team of the Ambassador Committee of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. Brad really understands the needs of businesses and how to gain acceptance of a corporate mission by the employees and customers.


Brad has demonstrated his skills at helping organizations identify benefit oriented outcomes rather than just rules based outcomes.


I’d recommend you allow his organization to improve the customer and organization centric interpersonal skills of your company


Wayne Story Small Business Marketing Author, Coach & Consultant at MarketingStrategiesRx.com

When I first met with Brad, I immediately knew that he was ‘not your average guy’. If you are looking to work with someone who truly wants the best for you, then contact Brad today! It is a joy to tap into his vast knowledge and refreshing to be around such a positive person. I highly recommend Brad Stevenson.


Donna Barney Secretary/Treasurer at Orbisonia Borough

Brad bring a level of understanding to the personal development business that few have. His deep insights to the whys and hows of personal performance can provide some of those real ah-ha moments! Share some time with Brad and he can cut through to the core of the issue.


Mike Kalus, General Mgr, Intel

All I can say is that if you don’t at least sit down with these two, you are losing out on one of the greatest experiences in your life!

Tom Wright, VP of training and development, GE

Rhonda Smith is one of the very few in this world that is gifted enough to
be a natural born counselor, and then clever enough to realize it.


As luck would have it , my wife Kimberly and I were fortunate to be blessed
with the opportunity to engage her services.


One small example, she very quickly determined what each of our strengths
and weaknesses are as individuals, and how to dovetail them together within
our relationship.


One of her many keen observations was that we, as a couple, were focusing on
our own weaknesses as well as each others, rather than viewing them as
opportunities for growth of our relational skills , as well as directing our
focusing on the growth , rather than the shortcomings.


Rhonda has made all the difference, and we will forever be in her debt.


Don Lovato, Albuquerque, NM

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