Rhonda Rae Smith, BFA, MA

Sometimes when we don’t know how to change something,

we buy into the belief that it can’t change.  — Rhonda Rae Smith

Rhonda Rae Smith founded both the LLC and 501(C)3 divisions of Legendary Living Institute for the purpose of research and development of psycho-educational, relationship-oriented, faith-based instructional materials for individuals, churches, ministries, and organizations.

Rhonda is integrally involved in research, writing, and development for Legendary Living.  One of Rhonda’s unique gifts is the ability to sift through and synthesize complex information from relevant fields and to incorporate it into a platform that others can understand and apply in their own lives.

Rhonda’s unique personal and educational experiences with ministry and psychology have placed her in a leadership position to develop insight for important challenges and questions that the contemporary church is faced with.

She has a perspective that illuminates the consequences of a psychological paradigm not entirely based on Biblical truth, and how that paradigm impacts the way that, in many cases, normal human challenges are filtered through a non-Biblical lens and labeled as mental illness.

Her insight in terms of observing generational patterns and how they are perpetuated has enabled her to develop a body of research in order to assist others to see their lives and relationships within a different paradigm.

In addition, she has long had a passion to understand how people learn, what it takes to help someone recognize truth in the midst of a sea of deceptive information, and what it takes to integrate these truths into sustainable change.

Sustainability is profoundly important for the contemporary church in terms of becoming powerfully and intentionally effective.  Her passion to see the church interrupt and reverse iniquity in the generations, to transform relationships in families and communities — is timely and relevant.

Rhonda’s desire is to equip those in ministry and the helping professions with curriculum and tools so that they can effectively and profoundly support their clients and students.

The focus of Legendary Living’s curriculum is to assist individuals, parents, and families who want to disrupt iniquity and transform generational dysfunction in order to create a legacy of healthy relationships, marriages, and emotionally and spiritually healthy children.

Rhonda has a masters in clinical mental health counseling, summa cum laude, 4.0 GPA, from Adams State University, Colorado

She is in the process of attaining a Masters of Divinity equivalency as a pre-doctoral candidate for a Doctor of Ministry degree at The King’s University in Texas.

She also holds a BFA, graphic communication emphasis, summa cum laude, from New Mexico State University.

Rhonda recieved 23 ADDY awards, from the American Advertising Federation, for her educational publications and designs while serving in a leadership position at an educational ministry and academy for five years in Denver, Colorado.  She has also served as a leader for Young Life International.

Contact Rhonda:  rhonda@legendaryliving.life

A Selection of Writing, Design, and Illustration Examples, 2000 — 2005