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At Legendary Living Institute, we know that the value of your life is directly related to the quality of relationships you experience at home, in community, and the workplace.

Former Army Special Forces, Green Beret, Brad Stevenson, co-founder of Legendary Living Institute, has over 20 years experience helping first responders, veterans, and their families. Legendary Living Institute believes in the power of strong, healthy family and community support in the healing and prevention of post-traumatic recurring stress.

At Legendary Living, we disrupt and reverse ineffective communication, conflict, and relational styles which are often inherited, and unknowingly modeled, to our children.  They also create vulnerability to problems with recurring stress and anxiety.

Through self-awareness, mindfulness training, and personal development education, we support individuals as they create a greater capacity for loving and meaningful relationships. One of our goals is to boldly impact the success rate of families and marriages — to assist you in creating the relationship, and family, of your dreams.

Become an agent of change for yourself and your future generations!

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