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About Legendary Living Institute

Innovative Multi-Format Educational Programs for Individuals, Couples, Groups, Churches, and Organizations

At Legendary Living Institute, we know that the value of our lives is directly related to the quality of relationships we experience at home, in community, and the workplace. We are committed to providing innovative educational programs, infectious inspiration, and epic solutions to all who seek the majestic lives and relationships God has in store, including individuals, families, communities, organizations, teachers, pastors, and those licensed in the helping professions.

We specialize in faith-based teaching, mentoring, and coaching, with a focus on personal growth and development, men’s and women’s issues, relationship education, and mind/body health. Our experiential, multi-media and multi-learning-style programs are effective for men, women, groups, churches, and organizations.

Breaking Through Barriers of Communication

Due to particular individual associations with and a general overuse of key terms, the meaning of profound concepts, including scripture, is often lost. We utilize visual graphics, symbols, and metaphors with creative language in a multi-media format in order to break through this barrier of communication. The integration of scripture occurs at a strategic point within the course to encourage a new personal understanding and experience of the Word.

Insight and Self-Awareness Development

We are passionate about supporting individuals in their unique path toward insight and self-awareness. We understand the importance and value of the clues provided by repetitive life patterns and relationships and how to insightfully harness our brains, bodies, internal, and external environments in order to change patterns that no longer serve us. We believe in the capacity for transformation that is built into the human spirit and physiology.

Thought Leaders and Pioneers

Our innovative courses integrate significant information from many fields of study. Students learn why we sometimes feel stagnant or stuck in our lives or in certain personal relationships. We specialize in helping people recognize nonconscious loops of thought, beliefs, expectations, and inherent relational styles learned early in life when we did not have full access to wisdom and intuition.

We understand the impact of the protective part of our brain and how it can influence our present experience by causing unwanted consequences in current relationships – including personal, social, and professional.

Empowering Information From Peripheral Fields

With new insight about our brains and bodies, including empowering information from peripheral fields such as neuroscience and microbiology, and the recognition of influencing factors from internal and external sources and environments, we help individuals find the keys to their unique purpose.

For those who have had a difficult relationship staying on track with the principles and values they hold dear, especially in relationships with those closest to them, which is often the case, there is an answer. We are born with brain dominance of a protective nature…in essence, a fear-based brain. It is our gift as believers to transform our mind and bodies into a different way of being, feeling, and thinking. Emotional and spiritual freedom is our heritage.

For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them. — Hebrews 8: 10-11

Gain Clarity, Perspective, and Focus

With renewed clarity, perspective, and intention, individuals are then equipped to demonstrate the beliefs and behaviors important to them, to forge new habits and create healthy internal and external environments to support their goals, desires, and dreams. Experiential and mindful-based practices, exercises, and tools are utilized.

Newly Single: Change Your Life — Not Just Your Status®

Are you newly divorced or single? Or, would you like to end your experience as a serial monogamist or dater? For many, the pain of a separation or divorce is severe, confusing, and can leave one desperate for answers and relief.

Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. — Joseph Campbell

A Time Traveler’s Guide to the Present®: Set the Captive Free | Newly Single® classes are a powerful tool. Learn about nonconscious and inherited communication and relational styles that are at the root of repetitive and painful experiences. Learn why people are attracted to similar personality styles and what to look for in a future partner. Learn how to develop effective communication styles, emotional maturity, and a vibrant lifestyle with a healthy community and support system — which will in turn, empower you to create lasting and sustainable change.

For individuals interested in Newly Single classes in your area, contact Rhonda Smith: rhonda@legendaryliving.life or by phone: (719) 633-5058

For churches, organizations, pastors, teachers, and lay leaders who would like to facilitate classes for newly divorced or singles, we offer a full range of multi-media, multi-format materials including:

• Plug and Play DVD’s for each Class/Module
• Online Facilitator Training & Guidelines
• Step-by-Step instructions including Suggested Class
• Workbooks for Participants
• Tools & Experiential Exercises
• Assignments for participants in either a digital or
print format
• Customizable multi-format, multi-media options
• For information, see contact info. next page.

Pastors, Teachers, & Mental Health Professionals
Organizational Support & Training

Ultimately, our mission is to support believers toward sustainable transformation, spiritual freedom, and the maturity that God intends. To choose life — in part by expanding the capacity for meaningful, kind, and loving relationships toward self and others. In accordance with this mission, we seek relationships with organizations and churches in order to provide classes, educational materials, training, and support for pastoral and leadership staff.

Educational Materials, User-Friendly Multi-Media Formats For Professional Use

Our multi-media programs are available in a combination of customizable print, digital, and online formats to meet your organization’s needs:

• Print chapter modules for your clients, classes, or groups, OR simply email an attachment that can be read digitally or printed at home.

• You or your clients can quickly access the audio/visual components and presentations that accompany the chapter modules on a tablet, smart phone, laptop, or computer.

• Work with clients remotely by using our simple online classroom software in order to teach and share the presentations. Work virtually with one client or a group. The classroom software is HIPPAA compliant, easy to use, and allows everyone to interact.

Training, and Certification for Individuals and Laypeople

Do you already work with people in a church or organization? Or do you have the desire to serve, or disciple others? Legendary Living Institute offers a number of programs to support you in your goals. You can apply to become certified as either a Co-Facilitator or Personal Development Specialist in order to work with groups, classes, or individuals. Online training is available.

Licensed Mental Health Professionals

We actively seek to develop relationships with Licensed Mental Health Professionals. Many students and participants benefit from individual support in a clinical setting. Please contact us to become part of a referral network in your area.

Licensed Mental Health Professionals also can become authorized to utilize Legendary Living Institute materials for individual therapy, group therapy, or psychoeducation.

Rhonda Rae Smith, Founder