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Sustainable Transformation

We live in a drive-through culture. We are fond of quick-fix, easy answers, and one-stop convenience. And yet, this is not how real life works. No longer can we attempt to solve repetitive problems and issues with the same kind of thinking that created them in the first place.

Our competitive based world promotes thinking in a success/fail, good/bad, right/wrong manner that is contradictory to a spiritual way of life that calls for a contemplative experience.

Why do many feel as though we are not living with purpose or passion? Our connection to the miracle of life seems elusive. Our relationships do not quite provide the joy and intimacy we hope for. We yearn for life-giving community, and yet connection, closeness, and true intimacy seem beyond our grasp.

Some of us have experienced separation or divorce, painful challenges with children, finances, or other issues with no sense of relief or solution. Why does a spiritual experience appear to free some, but not others?

Not understanding these dynamics or the answer to these questions often leads to an experience of isolation or failure, followed by shame, guilt, and blame, regardless of how hard we struggle to change in order to reach our goals, or to demonstrate the values and principles that we ascribe to.

It is time to look more closely at the foundations and belief systems that modern psychology and self-help methods are built on.  Part of our mission is to breach the status quo and disrupt paradigms when it comes to how we think about the potential of human kind.

It is a unique time in human history.  We have access to knowledge and research from peripheral fields like neuroscience, physiology, and the study of universal patterns of communication and conflict styles that make a dramatic difference in people’s lives.  However, these profound nuggets are often lost in a sea of media.  Legendary Living Institute is dedicated to synthesizing important and relevant research into educational formats that promote sustainable transformation for individuals, couples, parents, communities, and organizations.

This journey very may well be one of the greatest gifts we give ourselves — and our future generations.


Book & Workbook Covers

Our first major project is called A Time Traveler’s Guide to the Present®:  Free the Captive, Field Guide No. 1.






Click to read Module 1:

A Time Traveler’s Guide to the Present®: Free the Captive | Module One






Legendary Living Institute incorporates information from exciting fields of research that illuminate human experience and potential.

Experiential elements such as audio/video clips, interactive exercises, personal development tools, and awareness meditations make it possible to integrate important insights.






In 2016, Legendary Living Institute formed a non-profit 501(c)3 branch.

The purpose of this organization is to provide psycho-educational, relationship-oriented classes, training, and curriculum to leadership and members of organizations, ministries, and churches and to people in the helping and guidance professions.









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