Mission: Providing integrative psychoeducational faith-based systems and guidance that create personal insight, emotional maturity, and relational abundance.

Vision: To change the paradigm of life experience into one of inspired and sustainable transformation in order to equip our future generations with emotional understanding, maturity, and relational richness . . .

So our future generations grow up in a better world.

We see the original family system and relational environment as a source of information and clues to the mystery of inherent communication and relational styles — not as a source of shame or focus for blame. Repetitive life patterns, anxiety, and general discontent are often an outward manifestation of these nonconscious ways of being and relating.

Current research in brain development, neuroscience, epigenetics, and other fields point to insight never before available with regard to how we internalize and reflect beliefs in our early development that do not serve us in our present lives.

This understanding provides our generation with answers: a chance and responsibility to journey along a path of sustainable transformation, insight, and understanding that will give our future generations a strong foundation with regard to emotional maturity and relational abundance, both personally, and professionally.

Why do we exist? To help individuals understand the aspects of normal human development that produce nonconscious belief systems and relational styles.

These inherent habits of communicating and relating lead to a lack of fulfillment, purpose, and direction. Our course is also effective for parents, those who have suffered from divorce or separation, challenging childhoods, those who experience negative repetitive patterns, and those who want to change the future of their generations.

It is time to look more closely at the foundations and belief systems that modern psychology and self-help methods are built on.

Our goal is to breach the status quo and disrupt paradigms when it comes to how we think about the potential of human kind.

Information about brain development, neuroscience, epigenetics, and the impact of early relational environments are highlighting opportunities for human understanding at a level that has never before existed. This new information gives us the opportunity to recognize a new reality from which sustainable transformation is possible.

We understand that a creative, and in some respects ‘new’ language is required to help break through ‘old’ thinking.

How people learn and grow, as individuals, and in their relationships within a community is an important aspect of our focus.

In part, our classes shine a light on personal relational and communication styles and patterns that have passed through the generations, but that are most often non-conscious. First, with self, then others, we practice renewing and rewiring our brains and physiology in order to support the truths and values important to us, which in turn allow us to actively cultivate legacy and meaning.

This journey very may well be one of the greatest gifts we give ourselves — and our future generations.

We are working on our first major multi-faceted project called A Time Traveler’s Guide to the Present®: Free the Captive, Field Guide No. 1.

A Time Traveler’s Guide to the Present: Free the Captive

The classes also include experiential elements such as audio/video clips and presentations, interactive exercises, tools, assignments, and a new, progressive type of insight development meditation series.

Finally, equipped with knowledge and insight, students develop and strengthen their understanding in the application portion of the course.

We have been working with the material in beta classes and with individuals. We are developing infrastructure in order to be better prepared to serve when we publish the program and roll out online classes. We also plan to provide support, tools, and materials to people in the helping and guidance professions.

Right now, we are asking for financial support in order to create a fully functional educational website with multi-media classes, and to continue to develop and train facilitators and support staff.